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From: Lloyd Priddle
Date: Wednesday, 3:32 PM

RE: About The "Lost" Masters Of Copywriting Course


I have just purchased the rights to resell this fantastic Masters of Copywriting Course™

from a rare book dealer. 

Several years ago an associate of mine found a complete course written by the masters of copywriting from the 1920's and 30's with parts of the course written by the greatest copywriter of all time, Claude C. Hopkins, buried in a stack of books he removed form an old house!

Being interested in Internet Marketing he was able to find a single copy of this book online or offline in over 10 years. It wasn't until a few months ago that he realized he should re-publish this valuable work and share it with the marketing community.

I apologize for the delay. I must have read it 7 or 8 times and it's better than most modern works on copywriting I have ever read including those by the most respected copywriters of today.

Other contributors to this course were H. Harry Thompson, Joseph Appel, Bruce Barton, J.K. Fraser, Ben Nash, Kenneth Goode and many other notables in the field of copywriting at the time.

Take a look at the Table Of Contents for a complete listing of the contributors to this course.

Here's why this course is so valuable: Being able to create copy that persuades people to do what you want them to do is the ultimate key to making money online or offline. YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO WRITE COMPELLING WORDS THAT SELL... and that's what this course teaches... in plain language.

According to advertising legend David Ogilvy, Completing this course is like having a "Ph.D. in copywriting".

The entire course consists of 25 chapters and each of the 25 chapters is a valuable lesson in it’s own right.

Here are just a few excerpts from this remarkable course:



"A class of advertisers try to reach their goal by indirection. They assume that any subject is of more interest than the facts about the goods they have to sell.


"For instance, a man wishes to advertise shoes. He prints a little romance telling how the heroine wins a husband by the grace of her advertised footwear. Then they go to live with the old folks and save enough money on the family shoes to pay off the mortgage on the farm.


"To a man in need of a new derby or the woman who wishes to buy gloves nothing is of such vital moment as the printed facts about the required article. The most interesting news in the world is news of the things we desire to buy. It affects us personally. It reaches our vanity, our taste, our sense of luxury, our desire for happiness, and it touches our pocketbook.

"Tell the story of your goods believing that it is the most interesting thing in the world. Then perhaps you can make it so.

"Don't try to sneak the facts about your business into the public consciousness by a surreptitious hypodermic injection. Come out with them face to face. Tell the people what you've got, why you can serve them, what it costs and ask for their trade. Advertising is news."




-Bruce Barton in Lesson 3, "HUMAN APPEALS IN COPY"


"One day I was sitting there in my office, and someone came in and said, 'There is a quarter-page vacant in our magazine and you can have it at a low rate to advertise your books if you will get copy to us right away.'

I leafed the books through and came to a picture of Marie Antoinette. I wrote something like this:

"This is Marie Antoinette riding to her death.

Have you ever read her tragic story?

In all literature there are only a few great tragedies, great poems and great essays, biographies...

If you know those, you are well read, and if you don't know them, you are not."

Eight Times As Many Coupons From Humanized Copy

It was short and simple. But this is the interesting fact. Marie riding to her death on that quarter of a page pulled eight times as many coupons as we had ever got from one of these fine, full pages on the glory and splendour of owning fine books.

It was my first vivid lesson that a little touch of human interest, a little of the common tragedy or hope or love or success or affection that runs through all our lives will out-pull what may be technically a very much better advertisement, but which lacks that human touch..."



- Claude Hopkins in lesson 4, "THE UNDERLYING



"I have predicated all my own work on the basic truth that people are susceptible to suggestion. We live, move and have our being in a swirl of suggestion, from morning till night, and from the age of reason to the edge of the grave.

One suggestion accepted by one person becomes his or her personal opinion.

This personal opinion, accepted by a group of people, becomes the thing known as public opinion.

A favourable public opinion concerning a man or a manufactured product becomes the thing known as reputation.

Good reputation, in turn, is a thing that sells goods.

I maintain that it is no more difficult to convey a suggestion to a multiplicity of minds than it is to one mind. If that much is granted, or if I can prove that it has been accomplished, we have established a very simple premise which carries in its train very astonishing results.


If it is true that by printed propaganda, a favourable and friendly opinion can be generated in a multiplicity of minds, then it is equally true that we have found a hothouse in which a good reputation can be generated, as it were, overnight.

In other words, the thing for which men in the past have been willing to slave and toil for a lifetime, they can now set out to achieve with semi-scientific accuracy and assurance of success, in periods of months instead of years.

The Real Copy Problem

The most difficult of all requirements is a simplicity and artlessness of expression which will render it reasonably certain that the suggestion, when received, will be accepted without resistance or resentment."




"One does not sell an upholstered chair but really the depression made by the body as you settle into the chair. It is the effect, not the medium, we are selling do not sell a man the tea, but the magic spell which is brewed nowhere else but in a tea-pot.

What do you buy when you go to an antique dealer and acquire a decrepit old chair? Not the sensation of comfort which you secure with the upholstered chair, but an even less material, element - that of tradition, of bygone association and historical legend.

Personally, I have found the appeals to sentiment, ambition, a sense of luxury, more compelling than reams of logic and pointed argument."



- Richard Foley in Lesson 6, "SOME LESSONS I HAVE



"...right here I should like to nail one glaring misconception and that is, 'advertising is salesmanship in print'.

To be sure, the object of advertising is to sell goods, but it cannot replace the salesmanship which must take place in the shop or in the meeting of the salesman with the jobber or the retailer.

It is not salesmanship in this sense, at all. It is more education, enlightenment and-above all things-suggestion.

The chief reason that advertising cannot be "salesmanship in print" is that a salesman or a retailer can sense quickly the unresponsiveness or prejudices of a potential customer. He can answer questions, avoid issues or close them. He can be extremely specific. As an advertisement must be all things to all men, it must be suggestional rather than argumentative, more often than not. It cannot attempt to answer questions, because it would become interminably involved.

The 'salesmanship in print' kind of advertising pretty often is the sort that will pass muster among an advertiser's employees who are invited to judge of its merits. Written with an eye to the home office viewpoint, this sort of copy usually gets by a jury, but the fact remains, none the less, that the real jury in the case is the consumer."


This 'rare' and valuable course has not been re-published in over 80 years! ... until now. I understand I get the whole course in PDF format, and that each of the 25 chapters is a valuable lesson in it’s own right.

By the way... this course is NOT easily available and very, very, few marketers have ever heard of it or even know that it exists. This really could be your "secret weapon" to greater profits and profit pulling advertising...

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Lloyd Priddle. B. Bus. GDM. CPA.

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